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Letter to Voters

October 2017

Dear Voter,

If elected, I will work hard for you and I will listen, consult and act.

I am lucky to have been raised on the Bellarine, to appreciate its unique rural, and coastal qualities, while being able to access to Geelong’s urban facilities. I keep fit by cycling, and swim in the summer blue water events.

As a prospective councillor, I offer experience, teamwork and reliability along with a fresh, independent, consultative, style. I always rely on best ethical practices, and will apply social, business and scientific criteria to decision making. Solutions should always be fair and durable.

We need to develop an Integrated Bellarine Business Plan, which will foster business confidence and an energetic, creative spirit.

It is vital to have sustainable and carefully planned housing, industrial and recreational development, while ensuring rural and natural assets are enhanced.

In COGG’s “Our Futures” consultation I also energetically advocated improved social, cultural and lifestyle amenities; better youth employment and re-education opportunities; improved public transport and revitalised agricultural markets;

I studied engineering at the Gordon and international relations at Deakin. My recent professional career of over 20 years was in the humanitarian space, leading large development and disaster recovery programmes.

Now beef farming in Marcus Hill my wife and I have also undertaken a revegetation project on Yarram creek. I am President of Bellarine Landcare Group Inc., and am also active in the community restoration of the Mannerim Memorial, maintenance of the Rail Trail and support for the CFA.

Please visit my website www.jimmason.com.au

Jim Mason AM

Best for Bellarine.