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Councillor Jim Mason AM

During my three years as a  City of Greater Geelong Councillor,  I have always striven to listen, consult and act. I will continue to do so.

I have taken my responsibilities whole-heartedly and have been very active in Council activities, my Portfolios, Boards  and Committees, and Community life within the Geelong region.

I have worked hard to get a fair deal for the Bellarine.

         Bellarine Ward Highlights 2020-21 Budget

     Since the Budget there have been 4 more COVID Packages  total now $16.9 Million -  See Here

Access Full Budget Papers Here

COVID-19 Support Package $5.2m
Capital Works Programme - $7.7m
Roads, footpaths and drainage - $3.1m
Parks, sporting and Recreation Facilities - $3.3m
Shared Trails and North Bellarine Aquatic Centre $1.2m
Bellarine Enhanced Broadband Installation $610K
Restoring The Rural Landscape $549K

Individual Projects

North Bellarine aquatic centre - $750,000
Bellarine Enhanced Broadband installation - $610,000
Grinter Reserve (Newcomb) master plan - $425,000
Portarlington Recreation Reserve sports lighting - $250,000
Beacon Point Reserve (Clifton Springs) shared trail - $250,000
St Leonards streetscape improvements - $250,000
Drysdale Sporting Precinct master plan - $215,000
Drysdale regional community and learning hub - $200,000
South-east Bellarine coastal reserve strategy - $160,000
Jetty Road (Curlewis) Children’s and Community Hub - $150,000
Leopold Football Club masterplan (Estuary Estate) - $150,000
Clifton Springs Golf Club landslide remediation - $100,000
Portarlington Senior Citizens building parking - $100,000
Potato Shed facility renewal - $63,000
Barwon Heads Arts and Community Hub - $60,000
Collendina Reserve facility upgrade - $60,000
Portarlington Recreation Reserve master plan - $50,000
Portarlington Primary School road safety measures - $50,000
Ocean Grove Cricket Club playing surface upgrade - $50,000
St Leonards skate park - $30,000
Estuary Reserve (Leopold) sports lighting - $22,500


Bellarine Highlights 2018 -2019

Drysdale Integrated Children’s Centre ($7.5m)
Ocean Grove Kingston Sports Pavilion Design and construction
Parks Hall /Neighbourhood House and Fire Services Upgrade (Portarlington)
Ocean Grove Memorial Reserve Master Plan
Indented Head Woodlands Reserve
Leopold Community Hub
Leopold Football and netball Club support.
Potato Shed Renewal and Masterplan (Drysdale and Municipality)
Jetty Road Children’s Community Hub (Clifton Springs /Curlewis)
Drysdale Community and Learning Hub and replace Senior Citizens Centre
Clifton Springs/Curlewis Griggs Creek Pedestrian Bridge and Shared Path on East Bank
Grants to Environment Associations. (Municipality)
Rail Trail Upgrades (Bellarine)
Indented Head Tennis Courts
Barwon Heads Traffic Study
St Leonards Early Childhood Centre Land acquisition $1m
Fenced Dog Park in two Locations design and Development
WG Little Playground Portarlington
Tivoli Drive and Coriyule Road Drainage (Curlewis)
Sparrovale Wetlands Acquisition, Design and Development (Bellarine/Kardinia)
St Leonards Streetscape
Upgrade Clifton Springs Boat Harbour
Plastic Wise Policy Development (Municipality)
Beacon Point Playground (Clifton Springs)


 My Councillor Responsibilities 2017-2020


Portfolios: (2020)

  • Rural and Coastal (Chair)
  • Arts, Culture and Heritage (Deputy Co-Chair)
  • Parks, Gardens and City Services (Deputy Co-Chair)
  • Planning (Deputy Chair)

Committees: (2020)

  • Audit and Risk Committee (Representative)
  • Rural and Peri-Urban Advisory Committee (Chair)
  • Heritage Advisory Committee (Chair)
  • CEO Employment Matters Committee (Member)
  • Municipal Association of Victoria (Councillor Representative)
  • Geelong Regional Library Corporation (Board Member)
  • G21 Planning and Services Pillar (Member)
  • G21 Arts, Heritage and Culture Pillar (Member)
  • Association of Bayside Municipalities (Member)
  • Central Administration Office Advisory Committee (Member)
  • Geelong – Queenscliffe Coastal Adaptation Program (COGG Councillor Representative)


Portfolios (2017-2019)

  • Arts, Culture and Heritage (Chair)
  • Sustainable Development (Chair)
  • Environment and Sustainability (Deputy Chair)
  • Statutory Planning (deputy Chair)
  • Community Health and Safety (Deputy Chair)

Committees: (2017-2019)

  • Rural and Peri-Urban Advisory Committee (Chair)
  • Heritage Advisory Committee (Chair)
  • CEO Employment Matters Committee (Member)
  • Geelong Regional Library Corporation (Board Member)
  •  Geelong Art Gallery (Board Member)
  • G21 Planning and Services Pillar (Member)
  • G21 Arts, Heritage and Culture Pillar (Member)
  • G21 Education Pillar (Member)
  • G21 Environment Pillar (Member)
  • Association of Bayside Municipalities (Member)
  • Central Administration Office Advisory Committee (Member)


Please refer to website and search the year and month 

Minutes of Council meetings by year

  • Rural and Peri Urban Committee formed. See minutes 13 Feb 2018. Chaired By Cr Mason (2018-2020)
  • Recurrent Funding for Restoring the Rural Landscape 2018-2022 ($549,000). See minutes 30 June 2020.
  • Heritage Advisory Committee formed and Chaired By Cr Mason (2019-2020) See Minutes 11 Sep 2018
  • Geelong Post Office Conservation Management Plan Revised.(2018). See Minutes May 2018
  • Conservation Management Plan City Offices initiated.(2019) Under development.


2020 Key Decisions – Council Meetings Minutes
Please refer to website and search the year and month 

  • (21 Sep) COVID-19 Community and Economic Support Package
    Dogs in Public Places on Barwon Coast Land
    Planning Committee Review
    Geelong CBD Engagement Task Force Findings
    Sustainability Advisory Committee
    Northern Arc Project Update 
  • (08 Sep) Osborne House Sustainable Development Plan
    City Hall ConservationManagement Plan
    Poker machine numbers increase not supported
    Prevention of Single use Plastics policy 
    Environment Management Strategy 2020-2030 
    Tree management policy
    Tower road and Sproat st road construction
  • (25 August) Amendment C395GGEE – Settlement Strategy and Northern and Western Geelong Growth Areas Plan
    Amendment C393GGEE Retail Strategy
    Endorsement of Colac Otway Shire Joining Geelong Regional Library Corporation
    Regional Organics Network
    Household Waste Service Reforms

  • (11 Aug) Youth Council Report (Virtual Meeting)
    North Bellarine Pool Preferred Location
    Geelong Major Events Annual Report

  • (28 Jul) Social Infrastructure Plan (Virtual Meeting)
    Sustainability Framework and Action Plan update
    Draft South Geelong Urban Design Framework
    Lower Barwon and Lower Moorabool Flood investigation, Lara Flood Study and Other Flooding Overlay Changes (Virtual Meeting)
  • (21 Jul) Draft Public Transparency Policy (Special Meeting - Virtual)
    Draft Governance Policy
  • (14 Jul) Lara Flood Study 
    Rippleside Inclusive Play Space
    Affordable Social Housing Policy
    Tree Management Policy
  • (30 Jun) COVID-19 Community Package
    2021 Grants Programme
    2020 Sports Stimulus Funding Programme
    Stormwater services Strategy
  • (09 Jun) Youth Council Report
    Sustainability Framework – Deferred until July
    Central Geelong Marketing Committee Review TOR
  • (26 May) Amendment C394 GGEE Bellarine Peninsula and Corio Bay land subject to Inundation overlay
    Food assistance Business case.
    Asset Management Policy
    Clever and Creative progress report 2019
  • (12 May) Drysdale Sporting precinct final report
    Hard waste review
    Sparrovale wetlands master plan
    Barwon Heads Arts and Community Hub
    Council Plan update
  • (28 Apr) Community Support Package COVID 19
    Second Youth Council First report
    Draft Environment Strategy
    Waste and Resource Recovery Strategy
    Plastic Wise programme
    Draft Social Infrastructure Plan
  • (14 Apr) Reconciliation Action Plan
    Community Support Package COVID 19
    Our Heritage Our Collection
    Draft Geelong Town Hall Conservation Management Plan
    Potato Shed External Membership
  • (24 Mar) Shared Trails Master Plan
    Bellarine Peninsula 50m Outdoor Pool scoping study
    2020-21 Grants
  • (10 Mar) Rural and Peri-Urban Advisory Committee Annual Report
    Road renaming Drysdale Bypass
  • (25 Feb) Sustainability Framework
    Transport Network Operating plan
    Osborne House Sustainable Development Plan Pakington St Urban Design
    Final Social Housing Plan
  • (11 Feb) UNESCO Creative Cities AGM Brazil
    Youth Council Updated TOR
  • (28 Jan) C363 Consideration of Submissions Central Road Drysdale C363
    Drysdale Integrated Child and family centre –Naming
    Clifton Springs Golf club application to increase gaming machines.


2019 Key Decisions – Council Meetings Minutes
Please refer to website and search the year and Month 

  • (11 Dec) Waste and resource recovery strategy. 
    Draft stormwater services strategy 2020-30.
    Amendment C363 – Central rd. Drysdale rezoning - consideration of submissions.
  • (26 Nov) Youth Council Fourth Report 2019.
    Amendment C394 Bellarine and Corio Bay Coastal Inundation Overlay.
    Our Heritage, Our Collection.
  • (12 Nov) Draft Social Housing Plan.

  • (29 Oct) Annual Report 2018-2019.
    Municipal Health and Well Being Plan.
    Recycling Options.
    Municipal Fire Prevention Plan.
  • (8 Oct) Ocean Grove Principal Pedestrian Network.
    Barwon Heads Arts and Community Hub Development.
    Barwon Heads Football Netball Club Assistance.
    Draft Transport Network Operating Plan.
  • (29 Sep) Climate Emergency.
    Amendment C395 –Settlement Strategy.
  • (10 Sep) Proposed Dog Orders Barwon Coast.
    Annual Financial Report 30 Jun 2019.
  • (27 Aug) Future of Geelong Post Office.
    Courthouse Youth Arts.
  • (13 Aug) Osborne Park Draft Master Plan.

  • (30 July) Youth Council Report.
    Draft Social Infrastructure plan.
    Golf Facilities.
    UNESCO Creative Cities Network.
    Transformation Program.
  • (09 July) Draft Drysdale Sporting Precinct Master Plan.
    Future of Geelong Post Office.
    Gender Equity Framework.
    Barwon Regional Cricket strategy.
    Amendment C367 – Mollers Lane Leopold.
  • (25 Jun) Adoption of Council Plan and Rates 2018-2022.
    Traffic Flow and Green Spine Congestion in Malop St.
  • (11 Jun) Live Streaming and Publishing Recordings.

  • (28 May) Amendment C363 Central Road Drysdale.
    Youth Council Committee.
    Geelong Waterfront Safe Harbour Precinct.
  • (14 May) C394 Coastal Inundation Overlay.
    Regional Hockey Strategy.
    Greater Geelong and Bellarine Tourism Development Plan.
    Women in Community Life Advisory Committee.
  • (30 April) Building Better Bike Connections.
    Policy Review Community Infrastructure Support Fund.
  • (09 April) Environmentally Sustainable Development.
    Fenced Dog Parks.
    Christmas in Geelong.
  • (26 Mar) Northern and Western Growth Areas.
    Grovedale Men’s Shed.
    Geelong City Deal.
  • (12 Mar) Lara Traffic Study.
    Geelong Waterfront.
  • (26 Feb) Amendment C365 Barwon Heads Structure Plan.
    Civic Accommodation Update.
    Protecting the Hooded Plover.
    Bins in Central Geelong.
    UNESCO Creative Cities Network AGM.
  • (12Feb) Financial Management report.
    Ba-Gurrk Gender Equity Framework.
    Central Geelong Public Open Space Network.
  • (29 Jan) Electronic Gaming Machines.

 2018 Please see Council Minutes : 

  • Purchase of Sparrovale wetlands approved (Dec 1017)
  • G21 region road transport plan 2017-2027 Feb (2018)
  • Councillor code of conduct (Feb 2018)
  • Amendment C349 – Ocean Grove significant tree project – consideration of panel report and adoption (mar 2018)
  • Approval of the domestic animal management plan 2018-2021 (Mar 2018)
  • State government of Victoria - country football and netball program (Mar 2018)
  • Martin Cutter appointed CEO (April 2018)
  • Agreement to consolidate council offices (April 2018)
  • Drysdale urban design framework - Drysdale town square (May 2018)
  • Sale of Geelong post office deferred (May 2018)
  • Hard waste services introduced (May 2018)
  • Amendment c375 - Barwon Heads structure plan - consideration of submissions – independent panel appointed (June 2018)
  • Tender 1800038- Drysdale Integrated children’s centre (July 2018)
  • Osborne house and the stables retained in public ownership (July 2018)
  • Dog controls in public places policy review
  • Environmentally Sustainable Development local policy (Aug 2018)
  • Multi-cultural action plan (2018-2022)
  • Municipal public health and wellbeing plan 2018 – 2021 (Aug 2018)
  • Community Zero Carbon action plan (Sep 2018)Settlement strategy - consideration of submissions & adoption of final strategy (Oct 2018)
  • Protecting the hooded plover through the adoption of the city's new conservation action plan (Oct 2018)
  • Implementation of the infrastructure design manual into the greater Geelong planning scheme (Oct 2018)
  • Breamlea holiday park master plan (Oct 2018)
  • Access and inclusion action plan (Nov 2018)
  • City of greater Geelong retail strategy 2016-2036 (Nov 2018)
  •  Plastic wise program (Dec 2018)