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Jim Mason Campaign Speech Launch on 31 August 2020

Having served 3 years for the Bellarine Ward, I now have a track record.

I have shown independence, and creative thought. My views are built upon Traditional and Progressive Labor Values, particularly in Social equity, the Environment, Local business and Community Networks.

I have stood up to aberrant behaviour like the push to disrupt the Green Spine, to increase traffic flow and parking to the detriment of a beautifully developing and liveable mall area in Malop Street, and to upset established transport and other plans for CBD development. Now, to our embarrassment the State Government has taken over the project.

I support ethical, transparent governance, and decision making based on evidence, science, technology and community engagement.

I have advocated for a declaration of a climate emergency, restorative environmental management, a circular economy where there is use and re-use and where Plastics and other commodities are eliminated if they cannot be recycled.

And I have advocated for a reduction of waste to landfill.

I support a culturally safe City and the Reconciliation Action Plan

I support the Settlement Strategy and the intent of DAL (Distinctive Areas and Landscapes) to limit future growth on the Bellarine, to control and define boundaries, to protect the rural landscapes and the character of coastal and rural towns. This also means controlling building heights within these towns while allowing a moderate increase in diversity and density of housing.

I have opposed the increase of poker machines and will support reductions where possible.

I have advocated Strongly for Bellarine Arts Culture and Heritage, in particular, Drysdale Glass Arts, The Potato Shed, Bellarine film and literary groups.

I have advocated for best practice, and non-populist disaster reponses to the COVID state of disaster.

I have held important folios- where I am the alternative spokesperson to the Mayor.

These are:

Rural and Coastal, e.g. looking at sea –level rise
Sustainable development, e.g. Environmentally sustainable design and Planning, e.g. planning appeal decisions
Arts Culture and Heritage City e.g. Collections and museums and heritage buildings.
And deputy for, Parks Gardens and City Services, (Pot holes roads and footpaths) and Community Health and Safety.

I have sat on the GR Library Corporation Board, and Art Gallery Board, and 13 other Committees.

I Chair both the Rural and Peri Urban AC, and The Heritage AC,  

I regularly attend the Association Bayside Municipalities, and Committees for Coastal Adaption, Audit and Risk, Civic Accommodation, CEO employment and performance, and G21 Transport, Arts culture and Heritage, planning and environment Pillars

I have a very high attendance record at all of these meetings and official events.

I have also advocated strongly, and contributed to the development of Progressive Policy, the Revitalisation of Geelong, and Good governance.

This has not always been easy.

I have honoured my 2017 pledge to Listen, Consult and Act

Importantly I have worked hard for the Bellarine, its people, social infrastructure, amenities and environment.

Examples from the most recent Budget:

COVID support Plan ensuring Bellarine included.
North Bellarine aquatic centre $750,000
Bellarine Enhanced Broadband installation $610,000
Grinter Reserve (Newcomb) master plan $425,000
Portarlington Recreation Reserve sports lighting $250,000
Beacon Point Reserve (Clifton Springs) shared trail $250,000
St Leonards streetscape improvements $250,000
Drysdale Sporting Precinct master plan $215,000
Drysdale regional community and learning hub $200,000
South east Bellarine coastal reserve strategy $160,000
Jetty Road (Curlewis) Children’s and Community Hub $150,000
Leopold Football Club masterplan (Estuary Estate) $150,000
Clifton Springs Golf Club landslide remediation $100,000
Portarlington Senior Citizens building parking $100,000
Potato Shed facility renewal $63,000
Barwon Heads Arts and Community Hub $60,000
Collendina Reserve facility upgrade $60,000
Portarlington Recreation Reserve master plan $50,000
Portarlington Primary School road safety measures $50,000
Ocean Grove Cricket Club playing surface upgrade $50,000
St Leonards skate park $30,000
Estuary Reserve (Leopold) sports lighting $22,500

  • Drysdale Integrated Children’s Centre
  • Settlement Strategy
  • Sparrovale Nature Reserve – 500 hectares
  • Barwon Heads Structure Plan
  • Barwon Heads Arts and Community Hub development
  • COVID-19 Financial Hardship Policy

In Summary,

I will continue to Be mindful of my slogan

“Working Hard for the Bellarine.”

And I shall honour my new pledge to:

“To Consult Consider and Act”

I will advocate for:

A progressive Council Plan,
Fewer Poker machines
COVID Recovery assistance for the Vulnerable
Local Action for Global Climate and Carbon Goals
Restoring the Natural Environment
A Culturally Safe City
DAL, Contained Boundaries, Character of Towns,
Improved Social amenities, Transport, Shared Trails,
Policies based on Science and progressive best practices.

I will not to let you down.

Vote 1 Jim Mason!!!!!!!!!

Thank you all