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PRESS RELEASE - Date : 17 September, 2017


The Coast needs to be connected too!

Jim Mason understands the importance of keeping fit and says it keeps you buoyant, while happy at work and play.

“I am looking forward to the next Rip to River and Ocean Grove swims” he said. “But I wish it were easier to walk and cycle along the coast. It would be good for adventure tourism too.”

“There are so many sporting opportunities on the Bellarine. Access is not always easy, and it is important to maintain an active interest in whichever sport you choose.”

Jim wants to find ways of improving opportunities for young people to participate and understands the need for safe walking and bicycle paths.

Over the weekend I visited Breamlea, Barwon Heads and the Ocean Grove Market. There is a clear need for a network of safe bicycle paths.

“As a Councillor, I will be vigilant in pushing for a Master Plan for connected recreational networks.”

“A connected walking and cycling network allows access for all into and across the region. After all, this is supposed to be part of our clever and creative future,” he said.

“What a wonderful thing if the Malop Street Green Spine, planned to extend to Eastern Park went even further to the Moolap Wetlands,” he said. “Now that could provide safe cycling and walking connectivity for Moolap and Leopold Residents and on to the Rail Trail.”