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Jim Mason Bellarine Candidate

Press release

15 Oct 2017

Building Community Networks

Jim Mason, Bellarine Candidate announced today that if elected, he will immediately engage with his two other councillor colleagues and form a strong team.

“It will be incumbent on the newly elected councillors, especially in the outlying wards to collaborate”, Jim believes.

“This is especially the case in Bellarine, where there are 12 towns and at least 4 other areas, such as Wallington and Swan Bay.”

Mr. Mason, experienced in Community networking, understands the importance of grass roots participation.

“It will be especially important for communities themselves to develop strong representative networks over the whole of the Bellarine. Some community associations are already working on this”, he said.

Jim, understands that there are many sports clubs, service clubs, environmental, health and welfare organisations.

“They will all need to network and to form conduits for essential mainstream information flow. I have a lot of experience in building community networks and will, if elected, do my best to assist communities build their communication networks”, Mr Mason assured.