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25 Sep 2017

Beautiful Plans Need Funding or they Just Fade Away

“Beautiful planning documents are not enough. They have to be funded and actually implemented”, Jim Mason said today.

Dr. Alexander’s overview of the current City Plan is full of good intentions, he says.

“Community wellbeing, growing our economy and a sustainable built and natural environment are all laudable planning aims. There is even a photo of a jostle of cyclists in the foreword.”

Jim met cyclists in Drysdale on Saturday. “Their assessment was damning,” he said.

They reported that roadsides are unsafe, there are few proper shoulders and the rail trail is washed out and has not been repaired in some places for ages.

“How can we expect to attract tourists when even locals feel their health and wellbeing is threatened by these conditions?”

Jim is a member of the COGG Community Rail Trail Advisory Committee. He knows that the council staff are highly professional and are doing the best they can.

“Allocation of resources is the problem. I have ridden many rail trails and our Geelong network is not up to scratch. If we want to attract tourists, we have to bring our connectivity and safety up to world standards.”

Jim assures us that recreational amenities will be one of his priorities if elected.