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Jim Mason, 20 Sep 2017 - Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I am nominating as a candidate for Bellarine Ward because I want to make a useful and lasting contribution to The City of Greater Geelong, its people, culture, economy and environment.

I will apply the principles, knowledge and skills, developed during a challenging and diverse professional career.

I will listen, consult and act.

For years, I managed programmes in complex environments involving community engagement, development and accountability.
This is my opportunity at home.

I support and participated in the development of the City 30-year Vision of a “Clever and Creative Future.”

I have seen many beautiful plans fade away, and understand they need careful, continuous custodianship through to fruition.

I note one aim in this document is a “Connected Community.”

Would it not be appropriate to have a master plan for the extension the Malop Street “Green Spine” through Eastern Park and beyond, through Moolap to Leopold?

Connectivity cannot be well done without careful foresight and planning, and will cost more each time we delay.

Yours faithfully
DJ (Jim) Mason AM
Bellarine Ward Candidate