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CR Jim Mason: Bellarine Springs Residents Association : 8th July 2021

Council acknowledges the Wadawurrung Traditional Owners of this land and all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People who are part of the Greater Geelong community today.


Hello everyone, thanks for having me.

I might talk for about 10 minutes before opening it up for questions.

I’ll start off with two important documents that were adopted in our last council meeting – Our Community Plan 2021-25 and the 2021-22 Budget.

A big thank you to everyone who gave their feedback and attended the Submissions Review Panel.

Our Community Plan combines the former Council Plan with the Municipal Health & Wellbeing Plan.

It will guide council’s decision making, including where to direct investment.

We’ll focus our efforts on four key pillars over the next four years, that will help us deliver the community’s 30-year clever and creative vision:

o       Healthy, caring and inclusive community

o       Sustainable growth and environment

o       Strong local economy

o       High-performing council and organisation

As I said, this plan has informed our budget and there’s a big focus on funding new infrastructure and improving ageing assets, such as shared trails, sports facilities and community centres.

We’ve committed to $209 million in community infrastructure over 2021-22, with the aim of driving the region’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

I’ll run you through some of the funding that Drysdale will receive, which goes towards shaping our long-term vision for the area..

Drysdale Library

  • Council has set aside $8.66 million over four years to build a Drysdale Library.
  • The project is progressing well, with contract documents written up and expected to be released to the market shortly.
  • The library will be part of the new Drysdale Town Centre near the existing site at Hancock St and will provide a City of Greater Geelong customer service point, public meeting space and activity spaces.
  • We’re hoping construction will start later this year and take about 15 months.
  • Thanks to everyone who had their say on the proposed design during drop-in sessions earlier this year.
  • The team also received feedback last year from the community and community stakeholder group.
  • Council recognises libraries’ positive impact on community members of all abilities.
  • We’ve also got $450,000 in the can this year for the Drysdale Town Square upgrade.

North Bellarine Pool

  • We’re putting up $1.5 million for the North Bellarine Aquatic Centre in Drysdale this year, followed by a projected $2.75 million in 2022-23, making the total council investment including previous commitments $5.15 million.
  • Stage 1 outdoor 50-metre pool concept plans were endorsed by us in April – we’re now in the process of creating detailed plans.
  • Ready to go to tender toward end of this year or early next year, which would see the pool being built next year.
  • The concept plans are in line with the federal government’s $10 million funding agreement for a 50-metre outdoor pool.
  • We have heard from the Bellarine community over many years that this facility is greatly needed in the area – a sentiment that was confirmed via our independent scoping study.
  • A 50-metre outdoor pool will open up huge opportunities for full scale swim training and Learn to Swim programs, which will help improve water safety by developing strong, surf-ready swimmers.
  • We have also heard from the community that bus fees are a major barrier to students’ access to Learn to Swim programs, which was a factor in our selection of the Drysdale Sporting Precinct – right beside three schools – as the 50-metre pool’s location.
  • The pool will be heated, and we have included funding in our draft budget for it to be open year-round once it’s complete.
  • The Council is listening to the community about the need for further facilities.
  • We don’t have funding for this at the moment, but in April we resolved to find avenues to fund a future stage two that would include indoor pools.
  • This is something we are determined to deliver for the community, and we will actively pursue the funding while the 50-metre pool is being built.
  • The facility will be part of a wider 30-hectare sport and leisure precinct that also includes open space, playground, soccer, netball, Australian football and cricket facilities – amazing asset for Bellarine community.

Some other budget items for the area include:

  • Drysdale Sporting Precinct - $6.2 million from 2020-25
  • Eversley Street community facility (Drysdale) - $750,000 in 2021-22

Consultation has just wrapped on our Draft Positive Ageing Strategy, which is all about improving and protecting the health of older people in Greater Geelong, so that they feel safe, valued and empowered.

As we know, older people are a vital part of the community and make significant contributions.

The Geelong region’s population is ageing, with the number of community members aged 55 years and over expected to grow from 72,000 currently to 120,000 over the next 20 years.

Council is committed to responding to this growth through informed planning of safe and accessible outdoor spaces and buildings, community and health services, social initiatives and more.

The draft strategy commits to several priorities, including:

  • Accessible ramps and pedestrian crossings, good street lighting, public seating and toilets;
  • Older people feel safe in the community; and
  • A range of health and support services is available to promote, maintain and restore health, and support independent living.

Changes will be made to the draft strategy based on the feedback we receive, before a report goes to council in September for final adoption.

Are there any questions?


Central Road footpath

Background: Residents from the Bellarine Springs Retirement Community have been asking for a footpath down Central Road from the retirement village to Wyndham Street. Residents gave you a petition about this in 2019. A footpath has been built on Wyndham Street but the north-south connecting link to the village hasn’t been.

  • There is currently a residential development adjoining Central Road and the developer is required to contribute to the cost of new footpaths. Timing of construction is linked to the development program.
  • A planning application has been received to develop the land between Thomas Street and Wyndham Street, which would mean a footpath to Wyndham Street would likely be required during construction.
  • The planned Bellarine Springs Village is also required to construct a footpath across the front of the property in Central Road. This development has been delayed but the City team is working with the developer to finalise planning and the design, including for the proposed footpath.
  • A footpath on Central Road from Ada Street to Wyndham Street has been identified as a missing link and is on our list of future projects.
  • The City’s footpath programs are prioritised based on safety and community needs, and with the significant growth in areas such as Armstrong Creek and Jetty Road, there are many priority projects identified for action across the city.
  • More footpaths will be constructed as development grows.

Tivoli Road, Curlewis

  • Tivoli Drive in Curlewis was opened in August 2020 with an interim design.
  • This design will be upgraded during Stage 2 of the Jetty Road Urban Growth Plan, which provides the framework for the development of land in the Jetty Road growth area in Drysdale/Clifton Springs.
  • Councillors have received feedback from the community about traffic volume, speeding, noise and road width.
  • The City team has taken this feedback on board and implemented a number of traffic calming measures, including:
    • reducing the speed limit from Portarlington Road to Stanley Avenue;
    • introducing speed humps, parking restrictions and splitter islands; and
    • requesting support from Victoria Police to manage poor driver behaviour.
  • In May, I raised a successful Notice of Motion, requesting a report from the CEO for next month’s council meeting on potential interim actions, including further traffic calming measures and inset parking for Tivoli Drive, in response to community feedback.

Wyndham Street speed limit

  • Wyndham Street currently has a 60km limit from Jetty Road to Sheileen Court.
  • VicRoads believes this is an appropriate speed limit but has the power to change it.
  • Speed limit reductions might be enforced if more houses are built in that stretch.

Barrands Lane

Background: There has been community feedback about speed and turning issues on Barrands Lane. Some of those issues are hard to resolve due to the width of the road.

  • We’ve had feedback from time to time about not being able to easily see out of the Barrands Lane and Wyndham Street intersection.
  • The width of the street towards the shopping centre gets wider.
  • Some on-street parking is available, but it can’t be marked out on the west side of Barrands Lane.

Other issues:

Bellarine Peninsula Distinctive Area and Landscape

  • Consultation is underway on the Bellarine Peninsula Distinctive Area and Landscape’s (DAL) draft Statement of Planning Policy, which will include a 50-year vision and land use strategies to better protect the region’s unique features.
  • The DAL implements the Council’s Settlement Strategy to direct housing growth away from the Bellarine Peninsula and sets permanent protected settlement boundaries for the townships on the Bellarine.
  • The Statement of Planning Policy generally supports our recommended town boundaries.
  • The City will make a submission, focusing on setting protected and permanent settlement boundaries, to ensure more infill development to protect green areas, and implementing our Settlement Strategy.
  • https://engage.vic.gov.au/
  • The Settlement Strategy was adopted by the Council in August 2020. It directs that housing development on the Bellarine Peninsula should be focused within existing town boundaries at designated locations.

Quarry Park, Drysdale

  • Thanks to everyone who gave their feedback recently on draft concept plans for a new fenced dog park at Quarry Park on 1902-1920 Portarlington Road, Drysdale.
  • Proposed features include:
    • New dog equipment such as ramps, hurdles and platforms;
    • Separate fenced areas for passive and active dogs; and
    • Additional tree and shrub plantings.
  • The dog park will be the fourth planned for the region, catering to approximately 10,000 registered dogs located on the Bellarine.


  • 11 grant streams now open – financial support available for community-led projects across sport, the arts, the environment, First Nations heritage, events and more.
  • Council has allocated $4.042 million total for Community Grants in 2021-22 – grants of up to $350,000.
  • Closing dates in July and August.
  • geelongaustralia.com.au/grants
  • You can phone 5272 5560 to speak with a grants officer or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Amendment C363ggee

  • Last December, council adopted Amendment C363ggee that seeks to facilitate the development of around 550 new homes in Drysdale.
  • The decision follows an Independent Panel’s support of the amendment with minor changes to overlay controls.
  • 28 Rural Living zoned properties on either side of Central Road will be rezoned.
  • The Independent Panel found there’s strategic justification for the amendment and that it’s consistent with the Drysdale Clifton Springs Structure Plan and the City’s Settlement Strategy.
  • The panel considered 76 submissions received by the City and supported the proposed development framework plan in response to concerns about traffic, vegetation, open space and stormwater drainage impacts.
  • The Central Road Drysdale Development Contributions Plan was supported by the panel, which identifies more than $7.3 million in new local infrastructure.
  • In January 2020, Council supported Marsh Court residents who opposed the proposed Marsh Court Road connection to the new residential estate. This connection will be replaced with a linear reserve for pedestrian, bicycle and stormwater drainage use.


Bella Wiyn Biralee Family Centre

  • The City-operated Bella Wiyn Biralee Family Centre in Drysdale is taking sustainability to heart.
  • The centre is composting 30 kilos of daily food waste from its kitchen in on-site compost bins and worm farms, with any excess food taken home by families and staff for their chickens.
  • With support from families, they introduced reuse and upcycling initiatives such as reusing glass jars for plant containers or pencil holders. Some staff also committed to carpool for the drive to work.



Geoff Turner, Secretary, Bellarine Springs Residents Association: 0412 114 322

The Association has a program of inviting a guest speaker each month to give a presentation to our village residents. In the past few months we have had diverse speakers such as a local author, Libby Coker, and an inspirational speaker.

Would you be willing to talk to our residents over a morning tea? I promise that I won’t raise the subject of footpaths, but I am sure that there will be questions along this line. Also the Wyndham Street Central Road intersection is a subject of concern among our people. This would be a great opportunity for a representative of the Council to convey Council’s vision for Drysdale, including the new Community Library.

Various photos of Jim Mason
I acknowledge that the Land I work on, live on and play on is the Traditional Lands of the Wadawurrung People. I pay my respects and homage to Wadawurrung Elders, both past and present, to all Wadawurrung people and to all Australia's First Nation's people.