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Ocean Grove Voice – 30 June 2021 – Councillor Jim Mason


In striving to be the best we can be, we should always be designing, reviewing, and then re-designing.

That way we create a continuous cycle of improvement.

In this spirit, the Council welcomes the results of the recent Customer Satisfaction Survey run by Local Government Victoria.

Respondents to the survey were asked to rate the City of Greater Geelong’s performance in 25 key service areas.

It was encouraging that we rated as well or significantly higher than the state averages in 23 of those areas. In several, we saw distinct improvement from last year’s results.

However, the most valuable feedback was learning where the community thinks we need to do better.

Despite having improved from 2020, our score for environmental sustainability remained below the state average.

This is now a real focus for the Council and I believe we will see progressive improvement over coming years.

We have recently set 23 ambitious but achievable targets relating to environmental, financial and social sustainability.

The environmental targets include zero waste to landfill for our region by 2030, and 20 per cent of water use coming from alternative sources.

As the Council’s Environment portfolio holder, I am very conscious of the threat posed by climate change.

A draft Climate Change Response Plan will come before the Council soon and I expect it will show a serious commitment to emissions reduction.

On a Bellarine level, the Victorian Government’s Distinctive Areas and Landscapes Program is vital.

The state has recently released a draft Statement of Planning Policy for this project, and I encourage everyone to read it and have your say.

Your feedback will help make sure the policy reflects our community’s desire to see the green breaks and biodiversity of the Bellarine preserved and restored.

Please visit engage.vic.gov.au before August 20.

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I acknowledge that the Land I work on, live on and play on is the Traditional Lands of the Wadawurrung People. I pay my respects and homage to Wadawurrung Elders, both past and present, to all Wadawurrung people and to all Australia's First Nation's people.